The Story Behind The Bad Thru The Bone® Filletzall Blade

by Capt. Paul Bates

The Filletzall® Badthruthebone® Blades were made out of a necessity.

When I was running my offshore charter service, I was having a tough time getting a good deckhand. :(

At the end of the day, back at the slip, after a long day of running the boat, doing my best to put people on fish,and trying to teach ( sometimes the unteachable ) hand on the deck , I don't want to insult a true deckhand, but let's just say some are and some are not. I was having to clean the catch of the day for the customers. Yes we have air-conditioning in the cabin. Here in TEXAS it gets a little warm to say the least. So, here is the Captain cleaning the fish in the heat of the day, while the hands that I had on the deck, are just watching.

I knew that there has to be a better way, a faster and easier way. I had swore off the electric junk that has been on the market for years, 20+ years earlier, but I got weak and tried another electric junk again. Don't want to mention any names, but once again I was very disappointed, would not even cut the skin of a grouper! I had hoped that after all these years that the electric junk had gotten better, no such luck.

So I bought a Dexter® tiger edge slicer.

Filleted  a grouper,  after I was done cleaning the grouper, cut the handle off the Dexter knife and ground the metal the handle is attached to, so that now it is the shape of the generic sawzall blades.

Now for the hole that sawzall blades have, I took a proto center punch to put a little indentation into the blade , no luck the point of the punch was damaged .I was finally able to get the hole in the blade and tested the blade on many saltwater fish, it passed and passed and passed !

Now the hard work begins, find a manufacturer willing to make the blades in the USA, I would not have kept going if the blades were made over seas. Get the patents filed, now packaging, pricing, bank account, website, and find the money to pay for all this.

Next, Marketing

My Afterthoughs

These blades work great, the power and durability of the sawzall combined with the very high quality of these blades made by Dexter® is a match made in heaven.

Now the anglers have a choice, the underpowered electric junk that has been disappointing for years, or the powerful sawzall of their choice, and the long lasting...

Filletzall® Badthruthebone® Blades.